Rememorie is a company founded by photo restoration artists with impressive experience in the field. Therefore, we know our work like the back of our hand. Our professional team works full-heartedly because we care about each piece of your cherished memories.

Additionally we optimized every step we do. Thanks to that we make complex thing easy for you. We know what you want before you even say this.

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We combine a precise manual work with new technologies to achieve the best quality possible. Our team personally checks every pixel of photo of the photo before we send it to you.

meet the team

We are Rememorie

Eliott Duncan owner

Elliot Duncan
Founder , team leader

Experienced photo editing and restoration artist. Founder of Rememorie team.

Anastasia team member

Anastasia A.
Customer Support

Makes sure that each customer is heard and his expectations are met.

Alex o team member

Alex O.
Co-Founder, ace artist

Ex-Software Engineer. Combines new technologies with editing and restoration.


oksana melnychuk, team meber

Oksana M.
ace Restoration artist

5+ years of experience in the field of photo and art restoration.


Oleksandr Popadiuk employee

Oleksandr P.
Project manager

Selects and distributes work among our artists according to their strengths.

Tetiana R team member

Tetiana R.
Restoration artist

Former paintings restoration artist. Responsible for coloring photos.

And many more. We have built a large and well-coordinated team of experts to guarantee you the best possible experience.


Only the best emotions guaranteed.

Grandpa Holds Restored Old Photo Review
Old Family Portrait Restored and Coloured
Old Woman Holds Restored Photo of Her Younger Self

Our artists

Only top-rated artists work here at Rememorie. Every employee goes through multiple complex tests to become a member of our family. We have a careful look at their portfolio to find their strengths. That is how we guarantee you the best services, lowest price, and highest speed to you!


You can entrust us with your precious memories

I worked as a photographer for 7 years. I really loved my job, taking photos, editing them in Photoshop and everything else, but I wanted to try something different. I felt something was missing. It took me months to find it out but now I know that photo restoration is the best job for me. I can’t describe how much I love this work! That is how I can put to us my love to photography, art and most importantly my love for people. Now, when I work with the best artists from all over the globe here at Rememorie my only goal is to make you smile.

I think the turning point was when being a kid I found pictures of my grandfather. I have never met him, but I have heard a lot about him. That is why it was really important for me to see him in my family album. Unfortunately, his face was almost destroyed due to poor keeping. I remember trying to find out how to bring these photos back to life. It took me many efforts and hours of practicing before I was able to show the photos to my dad. We both cried. I felt that everyone deserved this happiness. That was the day when I realized I wanted to devote my life to photo restoration.

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