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Find about our amazing services we can provide you with. We do all kinds of photo and video editing and manipulations, check them below!

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The most frequent questions about our photo restoration services. 

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It’s pretty easy! You can use your own scanner in-home or visit any printing shop in your local area to make this done in just few minutes.

Can’t scan?

Just take photos of your pictures! When taking photo please make sure to follow those 4 simple points to save quality of picture.

  1.  Hold your camera parallel to the picture. In addition, try to fit the image to the shot without cropping it or capturing the background
  2.  Taking a shot make sure your camera is in focus. It’s almost impossible to eliminate the blur later, so please avoid unfocused photos
  3.  Don’t use any strong light or flash to avoid light / shadow “stains” on your photo. Instead, take a picture with any an accessible soft light. 
  4.  Take the photo with the best camera available. If you have an actual camera use it instead of your phone or tablet. Make sure your lens is clean

After you take photos of your images, you can just upload them using your computer or phone!


Of course, we can! Want to be sure? Send us your image to get a free quote

We will tell you what we can do with your photo. Also you will get a recommendations of which options to pick while placing and order.

We are a professional photo restoration service, so no fake promises. If your photos have a least any chance to be restored – we will let you know.

Our team treasures your time, trust and money, so we wouldn’t work on photos that can’t be restored properly.


We can restore any kind of damage, such as

  • cracks
  • stains
  • tears
  • missing parts
  • flashes
  • bleaches
  • water damage
  • burns
  • tape

  • glass cracks
  • wrong or missing color
  • some blur
  • mold
  • rips
  • mark
  • fading
  • scratches 
  • tears

and any other type of damage possible!

The only thing that matters is the level of damage and the areas that have been affected.

Sometimes even large areas of damage can be successfully repaired. At the same time, a small damage that covers significant parts of image might become a really hard or even impossible job. 

Don’t miss you chance to get 100% free quote before you purchase, to be ensured!

If your photos have a least any chance to be restored – we will let you know.


Yes, we can.

Also, we can do any other type of photo restoration services, photo editing such as  changing or removing background / text / logotypes, cropping, rotating image, correcting face and body shapes and so on!

Please, contact us before ordering. We will help you to pick suitable options.


No, we provide our clients with Digital Files exclusively.

Since shipping takes a lot of time and requires additional expenses. That’s why we decided to work only digitally to lower the price for you.

You can print it anywhere to save your money and time!

Use our professional photo restoration services to get more by spending less!


Yes, we provide natural and detailed old photos colorization.

We do manual coloring of every small detail, clothing, plant, pattern and other parts of your image. Check the gallery.


You! If these photos are yours – they will still be yours even after the restoration. It goes without saying that we will keep your photos private.

However if you want to share your precious memories with the world let us know and we will add this photo to our gallery!


We make sure to do everything we can to bring back your happy memories.

If you had got a free quote before purchasing we will provide you with virtually unlimited revisions. Your opinion matters to us, so we will keep working on your photo until you are happy with the results!


Firstly, check your spam box. If you have checked it and still can not find an email from Rememorie, it might be because you have entered the wrong email.

In that case, please, contact us using the Contact page. In your message mention the time when you placed your order and attach your pictures. Also add your actual email address so we can change it in our system.


In that case choose 1 Business Day delivery option while placing your order. You can get your photo done in 24 hours even if it is not a business day, but contact us before placing an order to make sure we can deliver your pictures on time. 


The easiest way is to get a free quote! If you want to choose the options on your own, here will be some tips for you.

Upload your photos

Upload your photos by clicking on the field or simply dragging and dropping your files. You also can email us some of your pictures after purchasing. Simply select the number of photos you want to email. You will get our email address in your paycheck.



Restore / Restore & Colorize – get your photos colorized or leave them. You can order colorization for all your images or just some of them. If you also want a black and white version of the picture please add this information to your order!



2-4  Business Days / 1 Business Day – select how fast you want your photo to get restored (in Business Days). If you want your photo to be restored in the next 24 hours contact us in advance!

We strongly recommend you to get a free quotation before purchasing. If you purchase a restoration without the quote we might not be able to achieve the wonderful quality!


Easy! You can do it both ways:

  1.  Attach them right to your purchase
  2.  Send them to our email (you will get our email together with your receipt)

You can attach them to your order or send them via email (you will get our email together with your receipt)

Use the number of your order as an email topic, other ways we will not be able to identify you!


Any Questions Left?

We appreciate your trust. That’s why we are providing you with an absolutely free quote.

We do not make false promises, only honest opinions to ensure successful restoration.

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