Walgreens Photo Restoration Services

Walgreens, a well-known pharmacy chain with over 10,000 stores across the United States, offers a range of photo editing and photo printing services, including photo restoration. With its extensive network of stores and user-friendly online platform, Walgreens makes it convenient for customers to restore their cherished memories. In this article, we will delve deeper into Walgreens’ photo restoration services, exploring their process, pricing, turnaround time, and customer reviews.

Walgreens Photo Restoration Services Review

Walgreens has removed photo restoration services from both online and physical pharmacies as of February 16, 2024, and these services are likely to be discontinued. The data is updated in 2024.

We will also compare their services to those offered by Rememorie, a professional photo restoration service that prioritizes manual work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.


Walgreens Photo Restoration Services

Walgreens provides both in-store and online photo restoration services, catering to customers with different preferences and needs. For in-store restoration, customers can bring their damaged photos to a Walgreens store, where photo experts will assess the condition of the photo and provide a quote for the restoration work.

Alternatively, customers can upload their photos to the Walgreens website or mobile app and choose from various restoration options, including basic, standard, and advanced restoration levels.

Process and Turnaround Time

Walgreens’ photo restoration process involves using digital tools and techniques to repair and enhance damaged photos. The extent of the damage and the chosen restoration level will determine the turnaround time for the service.

Generally, customers can expect to receive their restored photos within 7-10 business days for online orders. However, during peak seasons such as holidays, the turnaround time may be longer due to increased demand. In-store restoration services may have a slightly faster turnaround time, depending on the store’s workload and availability of photo experts.


Walgreens’ photo restoration pricing is based on the level of restoration required and the size of the photo. The cost ranges from $19.99 for basic restoration, which includes minor repairs and color correction, to $49.99 for advanced restoration, which involves extensive repairs, background reconstruction, and color enhancement.

Customers can view the pricing details on the Walgreens website or inquire about the cost at their local store. It’s worth noting that Walgreens occasionally offers discounts and promotions on their photo services, so it’s always a good idea to check for any available deals before placing an order.

Customer Reviews

Walgreens’ photo restoration services have received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers are satisfied with the quality of the restoration work and the convenience of the in-store and online options, others have reported issues with the turnaround time, communication, and the overall quality of the restored photos.

Short lists of their review sites

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It’s essential to read customer reviews and consider personal preferences and expectations when choosing a photo restoration service.


Comparison with Rememorie

While Walgreens offers a convenient and accessible photo restoration service, Rememorie provides a more specialized and personalized approach that prioritizes expert manual work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Here are some key differences between the two services:

Delivery Time

Rememorie offers a faster turnaround time, with digital files delivered within 1-4 days, including weekends and holidays.

Grandpa Holds Restored Old Photo Review

This makes it an ideal option for customers who need their restored photos quickly.

Pricing and Discounts

Rememorie’s pricing starts at $32 for a for a single photo restoration, or even $26 for each photo if you go with bulk order, which may be slightly higher than Walgreens’ basic restoration option. However, considering the level of expertise, attention to detail, and satisfaction guarantee offered by Rememorie, the price difference may be justified for customers seeking a higher quality restoration service.

Photo Before and After Fixing Blur and Fading

Also, we often have discounts for both, new and regular clients! If you read this far, feel free to use coupon SAVE10 to get a 10% off whole order!

Expertise and Attention

Rememorie employs professional photo restoration artists who perform 95% of the restoration work manually, ensuring exceptional attention to detail and a higher level of precision and quality compared to Walgreens’ primarily digital approach.

World War Two Photo Before and After Restoration

Unlike Walgreens or some other services online our photos are restored mostly manually, by real human artists with skills and passion, not robots or low paid contractors.

Digital Process

Rememorie allows customers to send photos digitally, saving time and money on shipping. This also reduces the carbon footprint associated with physical photo transfers, making Rememorie a more environmentally friendly option.

How Artists Pick Colors - Color Theory

All you need to do is scan your old photo and send it to us online! There is no need to visit a shop or send your old photos via post; simply send us an image, and we will do the rest!

If you are unable to scan an image, do not worry! You don’t need a scanner at home; you can use your phone! Click here to learn how to create a photo scan with your phone without leaving the house!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Rememorie offers a satisfaction guarantee, including free revisions and, free replacement (2nd photo restored for free), or even refund if customers are not completely satisfied with the results. So don’t worry, your memories are safe with us!

High quality repair old photos service

Not sure if your photograph can be restored at all? Don’t worry, just send it to us and we’ll give you a free estimate of what we can restore! Only honest opinions, no false promises, because we value your trust!

Simply get a free quote now, and receive our answer in less than 24 hours!


Who to Pick for Photo Restoration Services?

Walgreens provides a convenient and accessible option for photo restoration, with both in-store and online services available at affordable prices. However, for those seeking a more specialized and personalized approach that prioritizes expert manual work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, Rememorie offers a faster turnaround time, a digital process, exceptional expertise, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Ultimately, the choice between Walgreens and Rememorie depends on individual preferences and priorities when it comes to photo restoration. It’s essential to consider factors such as turnaround time, pricing, level of expertise, and customer satisfaction when making a decision.

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